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One of the most interesting things said by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche — a man who had a lot of interesting things to say – was this: “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” WoNoBo’s expert tour guides welcome you to take a walk down India’s many colourful, crowded streets. Keep your eyes wide open and let our fabulous cities surprise you at every turn.

Walking tours across India

Guest Tours

Presented by:Jaideep Varma

the chandni chowk trail

Delhi, History

7 stops, Medium

Shahjahanabad. That’s the name Old Delhi went by in the 17th Century when the man who helped create it — Mughal emperor Shah Jahan — once walked these tree-lined streets.

Presented by:Girish Shahane

the arts walking tour

Mumbai, History

9 stops, Medium

All major cities have fascinating hidden sides that they choose to reveal at random. If you’re lucky, Mumbai will allow you a couple of those picture-perfect moments when you least expect it

Presented by:Tariq Ansari

the british in mumbai walking tour

Mumbai, History

4 stops, Medium

They came, they conquered, they left a lasting influence. If it weren’t for the presence of the British on these seven islands, it’s hard to say what the face of Mumbai would be

Jumping now in India

A look at Byculla’s history

Mumbai, Sights

Election battle comes to a head as Mumbai prepares for poll day

Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra Kurla Complex, Elections